Why Staycation Is Your Best Bet This Summer

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

This year we’re already seeing Staycation trending as the preferred summer holiday for most Brits, following mixed experiences throughout the past 12 months with holidays abroad cancelled, and overdue refunds dragging for months with some Tour Operators. This, added to the confusion around varying requirements to travel to different countries, as well as quarantines upon arrival and/or return, it is not surprising that holiday-seekers prefer to play it safe by staying in-land for a Staycation, yet ensuring a holiday outside the house this summer for some well deserved time off.

St Michaels Resort, Cornwall

Like probably many of you, our family also went on a last-minute Staycation last summer, and we hoped to find something nice in Cornwall. We know what we like for our once-a-year holiday, and although we were ready to compromise, we tried to find a similar offering to what we would have chosen abroad: a lovely hotel, offering a mouthwatering menu – and wine cellar – made with fresh and locally sourced food, as well as excellent facilities for us all, in a gorgeous location, away from the crowd and mass of tourists. It was our first Staycation holiday in the UK, and we got lucky that after a few days of research, emails and calls, one of the hotels we reached out to had a cancellation and so we gladly accepted!

Inverlochy Castle, Scotland

We had a real quality family-time, and although some services usually provided by the hotel were not available at that moment, such as the kids club’s, they still provided activities for them which was great. We had to adjust to the novelty of booking a slot for everything, from breakfast to swimming pool time, which might just have been the premise of the new normal, but other than that, everything was absolutely perfect – the food was divine, the facilities impeccable, and the extra service at the table (so you don’t agglomerate around the buffet at breakfast) actually felt like a nice treat, especially that the staff were amazing.

Monkey Island Estate, Berkshire

We usually travel abroad a lot to see our families, and I have to say that not having to go through the hassle that can come with long journeys, felt really refreshing (in particular when travelling with young children). By staying in the UK on a Staycation, we arrived on our holiday destination within a few hours, which essentially, means more holiday time for everyone, less stress and no rush. All-in-all, a better start - and finish – not to spoil all the relaxation time of the holiday!

The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Birmingham

This year, we would love you to choose a Staycation holiday, not because it is the only option, but because this country has everything to offer, and more, for a fantastic holiday. The hospitality industry in our country has one of the best services and offering in the world, with plenty of 4* and 5* award winning properties and restaurants, so you can be sure that you will be comfortable, eat the finest cuisine, and have a wonderful experience wherever you go.

Grantley Hall, Yorkshire

If you are not the adventurous type of person, what could be better than remaining in your own element? No language barrier, no surprise with unknown food, and yet the pleasure to experience lifestyle hotels, admire splendid landscapes and (re)discover the rich history and heritage of our country.

Alexander House & Utopia Spa, West Sussex

The UK is also one of the best places for family entertainment, and many hotels have adapted their activity offering this year to give you even more outdoor time – from yoga, to falconry, archery or paddling, while ensuring that strict safety measures are in place, so you can be sure to fully enjoy your Staycation with the confidence that you and your loved ones are kept as safe as possible. Take a look at our family friendly hotels and discover their great activities for all ages.

Chewton Glen, Hampshire

What about for a change this year a stay in a cabin, a tree house, or a glamping pod? The offering is getting more and more diverse throughout the UK, and if the prospect of mixing with people in a hotel was bothering you, these new types of accommodations will allow you to choose whether you want to socialize or not – within the rules.

The Fish, Cotswolds

We all desperately need some time away, to unwind, clear our minds, and energize from the challenging months we have put behind us, and those to come. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and better days will come, when we can all enjoy and travel again. The good news is, you do not need to go far away and spend a fortune for that. For sure, we can’t guarantee the weather, but we are certain that your Staycation holiday will become a lifetime memory. And if you were not convinced yet, just take a look at what’s on offer on our website or challenge us to find the perfect fit for you, and give a go to a Staycation this year.

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