Internal Travel Traffic Light System

The British Government has released at the beginning of the month the traffic light system for International travelling. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has announced that international travel can begin to safely reopen from the 17th of May, allowing people to go on foreign holidays to green list countries.

The traffic light system proposed by the Government identifies different requirements when travelling from England and back from Green, Amber and Red countries – to read the full guidance, please follow this link:

An important thing to note is that these lists have been created by our Government and that many countries have their own rules about who can enter their territory, rules that are not related to which colour country list that country is on. Therefore, you might find that despite being on the Green list, a country might not allow foreign travellers.

In simple terms, if a country is currently on Amber or Red and the current guidance from the Government says that ‘people should not travel to Amber or Red countries for leisure purposes’ - this can be interpreted that holidays can still be booked to such destinations, as long as the customer is made aware of the different cost implications for testing and potential quarantine, should that country remain on Amber or Red when they are due to travel.

We will continue to monitor the FCDO website and share any advisory changes accordingly.

NHS app - for Covid-19 vaccine certification

In the latest update to the Government's guidance (dated 11/05/21), it was confirmed that the NHS app would be used in England, so that from 17th May, people who have had a full vaccine course (2 doses), will be able to demonstrate their Covid-19 vaccination status for outbound international travel.

Again, this way of proving the vaccination status is applicable to our country - other countries or territories determine their own border health rules, which may include Covid-19 vaccination status. The latest entry requirements to different countries can be found on the FCDO website:

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