5 Reasons Why Dubai Should Be On Your Bucket List

Dubai is one of the hottest destinations to visit, thanks to the incredible effort put into implementing Covid19 safety measures for it's tourists, you can be sure to feel safe as you unwind. With its breath-taking skyscrapers, turquoise water, world renowned hotels, fine dining restaurants, and rich heritage, it's not surprising why Dubai is one of the top trending destinations for 2021 and why you should have it on your bucket list.

#1 The Amazing Climate

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai benefits from a warm climate all year round, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 35 degrees from October to May, up to the mid 40s during the summer - don't get put off, Dubai offers so many indoors activity that you will be able to enjoy in the summer too, without the sweat. Cool off on one of the city's many beaches, The Kite Beach for lots of fun packed activities or pure relaxation with sun bathing at La Mer, and al fresco dining on the The Beach.

#2 The State Of The Art Architecture

At the top of your to-do list should be the number one attraction in Dubai - Burj Khalifa the tallest hotel in the world, where you'll enjoy a 360 view of the city. Treat yourself and your loved one to the finest culinary experience at the opulent and one-of-its-kind 7 stars Burj Al Arab. With it's sail shaped silhouette, it's one of the most recognisable hotels in the world. Dubai's engineering creativity and extravagance simply knows no limit and will surely blow your mind. Modernity meets tradition and history lovers won't be disappointed, by visiting one of the oldest districts of Dubai, the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood.

#3 The Adventure

There is no way you can ever get bored in Dubai, from honeymooners to families, there's plenty to do for all ages. Take your children to one of the many incredible family parks, waterparks or fun resorts. For those of you that are seeking thrills why not experience something new, like wind-surfing or paddle-boarding for your adrenaline kicks. If you prefer a slower pace, Dubai is also home to a collection beautiful flower gardens, ideal for the nature lovers and peace seekers. For the shopping addicts, a visit to Dubai's Mall is a must! You will not be disappointed. Don't miss the opportunity to spend a night in the nearby desert by booking a once in a lifetime Bedouin's experience where you can expect camel rides, falcon shows, and a romantic stargazing evening in a luxurious Bedouin style tent. A truly unforgettable experience.

#4 The Luxury

Dubai's reputation as one of the leading luxury hospitality spots is well established. Few other places in the world host as many 5-star hotels as Dubai, so you will have plenty of choice and occasions to come back and experience luxury. Expect high-standard service in the finest cuisine establishments, wellbeing havens and the luxury shopping venues whilst exploring the best that Dubai has to offer. You can also choose to rent a private villa on the Palm Jumeirah Island, to accommodate the whole family whilst enjoying a private pool and beach.

#5 The Culture and Heritage

Experience the long history of Dubai in the old districts, where many historical buildings have been restored to their former glory. Discover the Emirati culture and traditions in the museums and art galleries, or wander in the souks and spice markets for a sensory experience. Alongside your fine dining experiences, make sure to stop in one of the many Emirati restaurants to taste the local cuisine. Why not take the opportunity to try camel meat! Vegetarian and vegans will also enjoy a variety of delicious dishes that will tantalise their tastebuds.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Dubai should make it to your bucket list. Start planning your Luxury vacation now so that you can explore everything this incredible destination has to offer and secure your once in a lifetime experience!

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